What Ya Gonna Do When They Come for You… Part 2

Update on the theft of my neighbour’s car!

My wife works at a forensic engineering firm, and she sent the videos to their engineers that deal with such things. Here is a slightly edited response:

As best as I can decipher from the video:

  1. The car was left unlocked (us crazy Canadians are so trusting), which allowed access to the trunk. This is additionally important as I was told by Jaguar that if the vehicle was locked it would require a key to program a new key. If the vehicle was unlocked there are less security measures in place to reprogram.
  2. The initial visit was to disconnect and remove the KVM (RFA module) which just so happens to be located in the hatch on the left side (where thief 1 spends his time).
  3. During the time the thieves are away they are reprogramming the KVM or extracting the data needed to replace it with another one with a key already programmed.
  4. The final visit is just to plug the new/reprogammed module back into the Jag and drive away. Note: they are so certain this will work, thief two starts walking away before thief one even enters the driver’s seat.

What I don’t know: Why it looks like they took a photo of the back left corner when they returned.

This is why I ask that we always look for signs of tampering of key (pun not intended) modules when inspecting vehicle thefts. If you ever removed an infotainment center you know trim clips almost never come off easy and without some damage. Also loose nuts and modules that are cleaner than their surroundings or have hand prints are also giveaways. Unfortunately, when thieves are this skilled the vehicles are rarely recovered.

Don’t forget to lock your doors.

So there you have it, they reprogrammed the device on the car that is responsible for authenticating the key to accept a new key. I bet they have some pretty advanced diagnostic equipment in order to make this work, possibly stolen from a Jaguar service centre.

What Ya Gonna Do When They Come for You… Part 2

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