View Adobe Swatch Exchange Files Online

The other day I was trying to do some web design according to IBM’s design guidelines.  They provide color swatches as .ase files, which are read by Adobe products like Illustrator, PhotoShop, etc.  I have none of these applications but I figured “hey how hard can it be to parse the file myself?”

Two days and a fair bit of hair tearing later witness!

I later found out that IBM Design does provide a site that shows the same information, but by that time I was way to consumed with the problem.  That happens sometimes.  But hey, now I can look at any .ase file!  And so can you!

View Adobe Swatch Exchange Files Online

2 thoughts on “View Adobe Swatch Exchange Files Online

  1. d cardillo says:

    first, I think this is awesome, thanks

    next, what I’m looking for (and how I ended up here) is a way to parse the ASE file into a CSV, or some way I can turn the palette into a spreadsheet with the color names and their (ideally) CMYK values

    any ideas?

  2. This nodejs project contains the code necessary to parse the file:

    From there you could write it out to a CSV.

    Alternatively you could upload your palette to, see the key it’s assigned then point your browser to:

    And parse the JSON.

    For example, for this palette:

    The relevant JSON is:

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