XBRL on IBM Bluemix

Note:  This post makes reference to my employment activities at IBM, please see the Disclaimer.

Something I’ve had going in the background for a little while is using Node.js to stream all the XBRL filing data off the SEC website, store it in a MongoDB instance, and create a web UI to display it. I’ve done every filing ever locally, but hosting the data has proven a little more restrictive, I only have space for the DOW 30. I’m using IBM Bluemix to host the Node.js “UI” portion, and the database building portion is running on a virtual machine that I use inside IBM.

I’ll post more about my experiences with Node.js, XBRL and Mongo a little later, but for now you can play with the app here:


XBRL on IBM Bluemix

One thought on “XBRL on IBM Bluemix

  1. This is a bit out of date. The database is now Cloudant, which IBM owns so it’s much simpler to get space. Also every filer is available, not just the DOW 30.

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